Stuart Lynn Award

In 2014, our Board of Directors instituted a new award.  While we have several ways to reward our members for their photographic skills, we wanted an award that would recognize one member each year who exhibits not only superb photography skills but who also makes outstanding contributions to the club.  In honor of the person in the club’s history who has best exemplified these characteristics, we named our most prestigious club award, “The Stuart Lynn Award”. 


Stuart Lynn Award winners to date:


2014   Stuart Lynn

2015   Vicki Thomas

2016   Jim Fiedler

2017   Pete Bechtol

2018   Gary Vandemark

2019   Jeanne Scott

2020   Charles Stricker


About Stuart Lynn...


Still an active member, Stuart joined CVDCC in 2000.  Our club is an excellent one that takes its photography seriously, driven in great part by Stuart’s insistence on compliance with strict competition standards.  Stuart’s efforts have resulted in a club environment focused on photographic excellence and the pursuit of constant learning.  Stuart is perhaps best known throughout Southern California and beyond for his seemingly unlimited computer and software development skills and equally unlimited dedication to helping our club as well as the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) and the Photographic Society of America Worldwide (PSA).  He personally developed our superb competition software as well as our robust websites.  Stuart manages our annual international Coachella Exhibition, something he has done since he and Lillian Roberts created the Exhibition in 2008.  He developed the online remote judging capabilities that allow us to have our competitions judged by people from all over the world.  He does the same for S4C’s annual international exhibition.  Our club is honored to have Stuart Lynn as a member.