Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C)

What is S4C?

The Southern Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) is a council of camera clubs from across Southern California. During its competition year, S4C holds photographic competitions that can be entered by any member of its member camera clubs, and an annual international photographic exhibition recognized by the Photographic Society of America (PSA).


See S4C's statement of purpose.

Entering S4C Competitions

S4C competitions are held each month from October through April on a designated schedule . The deadline for entry is one week before the competition judging.

Details of how to enter competitions, rules of entry, and other information can be found at the S4C Competitions Portal. There are no time limits on images (they could have been taken in 1944!) and you do not have to attend the judging to enter. All entries are now online. 

S4C is all Digital. There are no Print or  Slide competitions. Digital competitions are now held in Pictorial Color, Arranged Color, Creative; Monochrome, Arranged Monochrome; and in Nature (General, Wildlife), Photo Travel, and Photojournalism (General, Human Interest). 

Prior to entering competition, a Uniform Entry Number (UEN) must be obtained by completing an online application.

Click here for S4C meeting locations and driving directions. On-site meetings are held in November and April each year.


Results of competitions are published each month. Click here for links to the results and caralogs.

S4C International Exhibition

S4C holds an international exhibition each year with the judging normally held each July. Deadlines for entry are announced elsewhere on this site. Click here to view recent catalogs and galleries from recent exhibitions.


Click here for the S4C Exhibition Home Page and to enter any open exhibition!