CVDCC Competitions

The Desert Camera Club normally holds Digital and Print Competitions at several regular meetings during the Club year. There are competitions held in different categories selected from among Pictorial Color and Pictorial Monochrome and the "reality divisions": Nature, Photo Travel, Photojournalism General, and Photojournalism Human Interest. Each category has its own definition (click here) that is rigorously followed by judges. Winning images are normally published in the Gallery section of this website. For more information, email


Competitions for all categories are held every "competition month" (see below). The upcoming schedule will be announced at least three months in advance, although may be subject to late changes for unavoidable reasons. 


Deadline for entry is the Saturday immediately preceding the meeting at midnight,  sharp. The competition normally opens for entries 2 weeks before the competition.


Our competition year runs across the calendar year.


Entering Competitions -  Guidelines

Competition requirements and details are available on the COMPETITION GUIDELINES page. Members are encourage to familiarize themselves with the details to ensure the fullest and most rewarding participation.


Competition Schedule for Competition Year 2018

Jan 23  • Mar 27 • May 22 • Oct 23 • Dec 18

Year-End Competitions and Awards

All images that won an award (Honorable Mention or Excellence Award) during the competition year are entered into a special end of year competition. From among these images three judges select those images in each Division deserving of Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards or Honorable Mentions. The awards are presented at the annual CVDCC banquet. Go to YEAR END COMPETITION AND AWARDS for details.


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Brightness Calibration

Entrants into CVDCC competitions are encouraged to use the Brightness Control to adjust the brightness of their monitors. This will ensure that the brightness of the images when projected in competition will more closely approximate of what the entrant sees on their own monitor. This will NOT, however, affect color compatibility: entrants are still encouraged to color calibrate their monitors.


Click here to download the Brightness Control and here to download Instructions.