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The judging for the 3rd annual Summer WOW Competition has been completed and a slide show created with all the winners. Craig Toms has won the gold medal, Larry Dao the silver, and Julianne Koza the bronze. Plus a lot of other great entries. Congratulations, everyone, for making this a successful annual event! Also see winners from past years.


 Summer WOW Competition


NEW!! Sept 6, 2023 PHOTOCHAT: "AI and Photoshop Beta" BY GARY VANDEMARK:


A video recording of  Gary's September 6  PhotoChat is available for club members. To view it, open the PhotoChat Viewer in your member home page. 


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Event Date/Time Details

January 2023 PhotoChat

Wed, Jan 4, 6:00PM

Host: Jeanne Scott

Topic: "How To Be Successful in Competitions"

Location: Video Conference

January 2023 Speaker Meeting

Thurs, Jan 19, 6:00PM

Speaker: John Martin

Topic: "A Case for Black & White Travel Photography"

Location: Portola Community Center

January Field Trip-Lake Havasu (AZ) Balloon Festival

Fri-Sat, Jan 20-21

Two Day Photo Outing-Members only: Contact Craig Toms or Greg Lilly

February PhotoChat

Wed, Feb 8

Host: Jeanne Scott

Location: Video Conference

Image uploads: Feb 1-6

February Competition Meeting

Thurs, Feb 16, 6:00PM

Judge: Lillian Roberts

Location: Portola Community Center

Image uploads: Feb 1-12

End of Year (2022) Banquet  Fri, Feb 17, 6:15PM

Host: Charles Stricker and Gary Vandemark

Location: Oasis Country Club, Palm Desert

March PhotoChat

Wed, Mar 1, 6:00PM

Host: Jan Lyall

Topic: "Tokyo Street Photography"

Location: Video Conference

March Speaker Meeting Thurs, Mar 16, 6:00PM

Speaker: Jon Norris

Topic: "Seven Years in the Desert-A Photographic Journey"

Location: Portola Community Center

Speaker will be present at PCC.

Desert Circuit Equestrian Photoshoot Sun, Mar 19, 8:00AM

Organizer: Greg Lilly

Competitions: Hunter-Jumper

Location: Desert Int'l Horse Park, Airport Drive in Thermal

April Peer Review

Wed, Apr 12, 6:00PM

Host: Jeanne Scott

Location: Video Conference

Image uploads: Apr 1-10

Joshua Tree: "Wonderland of Rocks Walk-About" Tuesday, Apr 18, 7am

Host: Craig Toms

Landscape & Wilderness Photo Ops

Location: Joshua Tree Nat'l Park

April Competition Meeting Thurs, Apr 20 6:00PM

Judge: Joanne Stolte

Location: Portola Community Center

Image uploads: Apr 1-16

May Speaker Meeting

Thurs, May 18 6:00PM

Speaker: Rick Hulbert

Topic: "The Joy of Symmetry in Photographing the Natural and Constructed Environment"

Location: Portola Community Center. Speaker will be connected via Zoom

May "Chuckle" Competition Entire month of May

Judges: Charles Stricker, Greg Lilly, Jeanne Scott

June Peer Review

Wed, June 7 6:00PM

Host: Jeanne Scott

Location: Video Conference

Image uploads: June 1-5

Outing: Beaumont Lavender Festival

Sunset Photo Shoot

Thu, June 8 5:30PM

Host: Craig Toms, Greg Lilly

Location: 123 Farm, Beaumont

June Competition Meeting Thurs, June 15 6:00PM

Judge: Nan Carder

Location: Portola Community Center

Image uploads: June 1-11

July-August Summer WOW Competition

Judges: CVDCC Board Members

September PhotoChat

Wed, Sept 6 6:00PM

Host: Gary Vandemark

Topic: "New Photoshop AI Features"

Location: Video Conference

September Speaker Meeting Thurs, Sept 21 6:00PM

Speaker: Michael Koren

Topic: "Artistic Expression Through SmartPhone Photography"

Location: Portola Community Center

October Peer Review

Wed, Oct 11 6:00PM

Host: Jeanne Scott

Location: Video Conference

Image uploads: 10/1-9

October Competition Thurs, Oct 19 6:00PM

Judge: Andrew Lewis

Location: Portola Community Center

Image uploads: 10/1-15

November PhotoChat

Wed, Nov 1 6:00PM

Host: Lance Williams

Topic: "Sales and Use Tax for Photographers"

Location: Video Conference

November Speaker Meeting Thurs, Nov 16 6:00PM

Speaker: Rick Hulbert

Topic: "The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Photography; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

Location: Video Conference

December Peer Review

Wed, Dec 6 6:00PM

Host: Jeanne Scott

Location: Video Conference

Image uploads: 12/1-5

December Competition Thurs, Dec 21 6:00PM

Judge: TBD

Location: Portola Community Center

Image Uploads: 12/1-18


OUR REGULAR MONTHLY MEETINGS are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month (except during our summer break in July and August) at 6:00 PM as either a virtual meeting via Zoom (video conference) or in-person meeting at the Portola Community Center. Please note that the Peer Review meetings (formerly called CRITSIG) and PhotoChats are also virtual meeting via Zoom. Please check this website often as meeting sites may change pending ongoing health conditions and CA regulations. 


By agreement of your Board in May 2021, the age of competition images has been modified for the unforseeable future. In the Reality divisions (Nature, Photo Travel, PJ General, and PJ Human Interest) there is now no time limit (prior restriction was 18 then 36 months) of the date of competition. Images in Monochrome and Pictorial divisions also still have NO TIME RESTRICTIONS so these images could have been taken at any previous time.


Peer Review meetings are a group session where members submit images for others in the group to suggest improvements.  Peer Review now meets as a virtual meeting via Zoom in competition months at 6:00PM on the Wednesday (8 days) before the competition judging. Due to COVID,  all 2020 and 2021 meetings were held via video conference  and future meetings may be held in person or via Zoom (see schedule above).



Images must be not more that 1400 pixels in width and 1280 pixels in height.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Change in definition of Nature now no longer permits flower images, hybrid or not, except in specific circumstances. Click here.



 Click here for details of S4C and S4C competitions.